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Who, what, where, when, how, why?

About Creative-i-DesignCreative-i-Design started out in 2000 as PC's Design, the brainchild of company founder Philip Cave. With the growth of the business, the company was re-branded as Creative-i-Design in early 2008.

Back in 2000, Philip needed a website and set about creating his own. He discovered a flair for both design and coding, and the business was born.

Colleagues began asking Philip to build sites for them and he rapidly gained a reputation for delivering effective, professional websites. With a commercial rather than a technical background, Philip never talks technology with his clients: it's a frighteningly dull subject, and his clients are almost always business people, so they're looking for a business solution to a business problem.

About Creative-i-DesignAs the business grew, Philip began to bring in specialist team members. This carries potential risks, so he introduced top-down project management & quality control, ensuring that he only employed specialists who could offer long-term client continuity.

Creative-i-Design has operated an ethical policy from the start: not only do we give 10% of our business income to charity each year,but we also give a 10% discount to any registered charity clients.


Our mission is: "To deliver professional, creative, easy-to-use websites which fit the client's needs and budget, and deliver a return on investment."