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This is an incomplete list of recent projects, ranging across a broad spread of client types.
Feel free to check them out, and you can download a copy too.

This is a selection of our clients from the voluntary sector. They range from local community groups, through national support bodies, to international relief organisations.

  • co60
  • hocp
  • nbe_portfolio_1_fs
  • 9L_fs
  • chell_fs
  • health_fs
  • icsw_welfare_fs
  • icsw_h_fs
  • icsw_s_fs
  • ladakh_fs
  • rop_fs
  • sjtct_fs
  • wmcp_fs
  • forum_fs

Some of our commercial clients: they come from a variety of business sectors, including training, transport, office services, engineering and travel.

  • pyv
  • danbaks_fs
  • dbh
  • abc
  • efa_portfolio_1_fs
  • op
  • pearsons_fs
  • lbc
  • lps_fs
  • lrc_fs
  • mensys_fs
  • ski_fs
  • spirit_fs
  • tgm_fs
  • urc_fs
  • well_done_fs
  • ginger_fs
  • bni_fs

Some of our small business clients: delicatessens, venues, business networking groups, and IT services.

  • mh_fs
  • alberts_fs
  • am
  • yv
  • darren_fs
  • dt
  • ftt
  • gpd_fs
  • lea_fs
  • pcs
  • sm
  • sophie_fs
  • srsl_fs
  • design_fs

If you'd like a printable version of this portfolio, you can download it by clicking on this icon:

Creative-i-Design portfolio

Creative-i-Design portfolioYou'll need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

Please do think about the planet: as part of our Environmental Policy, we're committed to avoiding unnecessary waste.
So while we're delighted to have our portfolio on your desk, it would be great to save a tree or two...